Foo Fighters | The Olympic Park, London

Artwork for The Last Drop bar in the Olympic Park for the London leg of the Foo Fighters tour 2018. Originally designed as a mural this was adapted to then be installed as a 10metre long vinyl to fit inside the cafe / bar where all the merch was being sold. Commissioned through Sony Records, super tight turn around on this and pleased with the result!
This vinyl is 10 metres long and stretches around the bar area – translucent on each side to get the design from both the main walkway and inside the bar.
Designed to tie in with the graphic shapes on the side of the Olympic Stadium, and with a slightly darker colour palette than usual but still a pop!

The Foo Fighters hand drawn type from the mural was also used on the front of the bar as a stand alone graphic.

I scaled the artwork and split to fit the allocated window space dividing it up into sections. Some more close ups from the design below –