Custom painted Predator boots commissioned by Adidas to celebrate Ellen White’s 100 Caps.

Photographed at Adidas Flagship store in London.

Photographed at Adidas Flagship store in London.

Custom painted boot for Adidas / Ellen White 100 Caps

As a football player, and founder of amateur women’s football team Banana F.C. you can imagine being asked to design a custom pair of Adidas Predator boots (the exact pair Ellen wears) to be presented to Ellen for her 100 Caps was a dream project! With fantastic art direction from the commissioning agency on the project, We Are The Players, these boots really came together conceptually and visually, and had an amazing reception from both Ellen and her followers.

Custom painted boot for Adidas / Ellen White 100 Caps

When the heels of the boots are stood together, the motif makes Ellen’s iconic goggles celebration, but with the eyes making part of a gold ‘100!’ – for her 100 caps. This made the boots really personal to Ellen, which was one of the main elements of the brief, as well as being distinctly Adidas, and would celebrate the moment. I also added personal notes around the boots such as the England flag, her husbands initials, and her fan’s chant ‘Ellen White, White White’.

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 09.04.17

I used an enamel gold paint, to really give the feeling of a special-edition – this paint is like liquid gold! I painted over the neon red of the boots, to move the colour way to a striking monochrome and gold, with bursts of explosive movement heading up the boots, to give the celebratory feel but also to recognise Ellen’s dynamic pace and position on the pitch – breaking the record as England’s top goalscorer on the same match that would be her 100 caps.

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 09.04.44

A distinct design feature of the Predator boots are the flowing spikes. I highlighted this design feature, nodding to the Adidas brand, for this special edition pair by painting each spike gold.

An incredibly exciting project, and I couldn’t be more proud to be involved in celebrating such a historical moment for football, and the women’s game. Congratulations to Ellen – an absolute inspiration!


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